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Mizuid is a brand name that is a fusion of the designer's name Mizuha and the word "fluid".

Time, temperature, water, wind and light...
Wearing the beauty of the things that flow and a momentary sparkle.

We create everyday wear that makes "wearing" an art and makes the wearers aware of their own beauty.

We will develop fashionable styles that can be enjoyed by people of all genders and ages.


Mizuha Yamauchi

Born in 1992, from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
After completing her master's degree at the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University, she joined a major advertising agency.
She learned the basics of fashion design at the Vantan Design Institute, and while working as an office worker, she launched Mizuid as an individual from the Autumn/winter season of 2022.

Based online, the brand is expanding its POP-UP STORE etc. in Japan.
She received an official offer from Vancouver Fashion Week for SS24 Collection and held the brand's first runway show overseas.

-> VFW SS24 Designer Interview




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