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Wings Nuance Necklace


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Mizuid Select accessories

A pendant necklace with a wing motif.

A refreshing design with a combination of white and gold that is perfect for spring and summer.
The sliding length allows you to freely adjust the length, making it easy to match with a variety of clothes.

With a neat appearance that fits well in the office scene,
You can enjoy it both neatly and casually.


◆Size Length 70cm (sliding adjuster)
◆Material: Metal parts>Brass/alloy with plating coating/epoxy processing ◆Color: Gold



*Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, there may be slight individual differences in color and shape.
*Accessories are fragile, so please handle with care to avoid hitting or dropping them.
*If you feel any abnormality on your skin, please stop using it and consult a specialist.

*Thank you for your understanding as we do not accept returns or exchanges for items other than defective items.

Wings Nuance Necklace

¥4,400 JPY

23SS Collection

“Wavering but Unwavering”

A wavering but unwavering heart.
A collection that depicts a lost yet graceful life layered in the sparkle of water and light.

Mannish yet elegant.
A style that can be enjoyed across generations.


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